DJ T-1000 | Alan Oldham

1. What can you tell us about the early days of UR?

It was very exciting. I came into UR after it had already started with Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, and Rob Hood. I was helping out around the UR office doing press and PR. Then I was invited to go on tour with them after Jeff quit. I stayed for a year in UR before going out on my own.

Jeff and UR started my DJ and producing career off, and I’ll always be grateful.

2. I’ve read that you announced it is your last only vinyl tour. Is it true? And why did you take this decision?

I still like playing vinyl but a) promoters almost NEVER have good, solid DJ set-ups for decks and b) a lot of the music released now is more suited to digital release/playing than vinyl.

Also, few people appreciate a good, rockin’ DJ show any more, it seems.

I play digital and release records under the name Detroitrocketscience, so that will be the push for next year.

But if any promoters with solid turntable set-ups want an old-school DJ T-1000 vinyl show, that’s fine, too! 

3. What do you consider absolutly personal in your sound?

Heavy bass, big kicks, up-tempo, dancefloor friendly.

“25 Years Alan Oldham Design.”

4. Who is your favourite comic illustrator and why?

I have several, but Howard Chaykin is my all-time favorite in story and art. He’s been working at a high level for decades now, and he’s personally a really cool dude as well.


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DJ T-1000 Alan Oldham interview by Eudosia Luxemburg Crispy.

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