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1. First tell us about Minibar Music

Minibar-music is the new label we’ve created with Eric Vence and David Gluck after I’ve stopped working with telegraph and logstic records. I would say that the music orientation for this label will definitely be open minded !! Still focused on the dancefloor for now (we want to see people danciiiiing ) it will for sure grow in multiple directions in the future.

2. Describe your sound and your music future vision..

I’m totally unable to give you a proper description of it !! Lol !! But I would say i’ve always been trying to make it groovy !!

3. Describe whats happening in Club Culture and life, after the introductions of cool software, laptop

Since the laptops and ableton arrived in the game a lot more possibilities came to musicians to play along with other musicians !! That’s great and now you can see many live set where artists improvise techno music !! To me it’s one of the best way to play music !! You can totally interact with the crowd and you really can rock it !!

4. Your french friends: Ark, Karat crew.. Very amusing party and approach 

We’re always playing that way with theses guys !! We all got a musician background and we learned music playing it !! Music is also a body language !! You should check Ark when he’s performing … X-tra fun !!

5. Your “Loop” theory

I don t have any “loop” theory !!
I mean !!
You’re head is moving ?!!
Your ass is shaking ?!!
You got it !!

6. Melody or Beat oriented?

Rythm is everything !! Without it melody don’t exist !! Some say “it s about the note” !! Some other “it’s about where you place it” So i say beat … I love melody but i’m quite bad at using it with electronic music i guess !! I feel much more comfortable with rythm !!

7. Talk about your Japan experience and friends

Was really amazed how people react about our music over there !! They know everything about everybody !! Very impressive !! Even the scene totally changed since last year !! There’s a lot new talented artists coming from Japan. Ditch who’s doing minibar 04 was working on electronic music for only 4 month when he gave me the tracks !! Wait to hear it and you’ll tell by yourself !!

8. Sound efx, click, little voices: who inspire you?

Miles Davis / Dan Bell / John Coltrane / Dimbiman / Thelnious Monk / Herbert / George Clinton / Ark / Bill Evans / Thomas Melchior

9. Analog? Digital?

Both analog and digital !!

10. Your best all-the-time favourite five trax/titles

Impossible to answer that !! Give me 50 and maybe i can !! To me there is too much amazing tastes and flavor all around the house to reduce it to 5 tracks !! ūüėČ

France Minimal:

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