> Future: Detroit, DeepFunk, are becoming best styles for dance scene everywhere!All Djs are playing and discover this new influences! What do you think about?
–>¬†I Think you’re a little bit above the reality, its true that more and more people are discover or play some more melodic, soulfull, deepfunk music but its just the begining. Of course and I believe that the best is to come, thats also my purpose whan I’m playing as a dj or for a live act ; promote and show this kind of music. Emotions, atmospheres, feelings are really important on the dancefloor, its not only a question of high tempo or hard sounds.

> Where do you continually get your inspiration? Tell us about “SOUL DESIGNER”
–>¬†Its not really to definite, I’m playing some melodies, some chords, sometimes basslines in the studio and when I feel thats there is a kind of magic or special emotions or even a good atmosphere in these melodies, I start to work on the track. Especially with the Soul Designer or Fabrice Lig’s projects, for what I really want to push up the melodies and emotions.

> Which artists are you currently listening to?
–>¬†A lot of different artists but there is some I like almost all their releases, like John Tejada, Titonton, Morgan Geist, Dan Curtin, UR….But I also like lot of deep house stuff.

> How do the crowds and club atmosphere in your latest gig?
–>¬†I played at “The End”, London, this saturday (16.01.2002), in the lounge club and I was really surprise to see the audience reactions ; its not really usual to see the people crazy on some deep tracks, some of them came and congratulate me at the end of my set, there was a really soulfull atmosphere, its really a pleasure to hear the people so happy because they’re listening a music they don’t listen very often. I also had this kind of Experience at the “Kerma Club” in Helsinki, for the Jori Hulkkonen residency. When I finish this kind of gig, I think that my mission is completed, people were happy to hear something different, soulfull and funky.

> Enlighten us on your dream project?
–>¬†Hum ! Not easy, I signed with KMS, Raygun and Seventh City from Detroit, now I’ll have an LP on F Communications ? I’ve never dreamt about all this cool things, so now, Everything happens now is a kind of bonus ūüėČ
Maybe, yes… I would like to play Live at DEMF, my last dream!

> Your very old vinyl in your record case?
–>¬†In my record case ? For the moment, its probably a Guy Called Gerald ‘Automanik’, the Derrick May ‘s remix. But I like to change my “classics” in my bag; there is so much old good tracks to play.

> Dax DJ (sorry 4 my english!) (Year 2002)
–>¬†Fabrice Lig

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